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The Privileged Position of Less Formal Learning

Milton Gaither's recent post THROUGH THE LENS OF HOME-EDUCATED CHILDREN: Insights from Children About What Motivates Them to Learn reminded me of two benefits I had as a homeschooled kid. First, my education was something I participated in; I was … Continue reading

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What's the Deal with Sonlight's Language Arts?

I ran across a fascinating discussion about Sonlight's Language Arts on Facebook. The original poster said she felt Sonlight's Language Arts was "a bit weak and abstract." The comments that follow are very encouraging: "Stick with it! You won't regret … Continue reading

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Sonlight's 2012 Catalog Available Now

If you haven't heard already, you can check out Sonlight's 2012 Catalog in digital format right now! Just remember: If you have an iThing that does not run Flash, you will want to download the .pdf version. Also, we've released … Continue reading

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Become a Great Writer

One of my high school English teachers asked, "Who taught Shakespeare to write?" How did someone teach the greatest writer to write so well? I don't recall the rest of discussion, but I think I have an answer now. This … Continue reading

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