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Four Levels of Rest for Homeschool Parents

God seems to take rest pretty seriously. And as we sit in this limbo time between Christmas and the New Year, you might be more aware than usual of your need for deep rest. Perhaps you don't just feel "body … Continue reading

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Looking Back to Look Ahead (aka Thankful Thursday)

August was always my favorite time of year when we were homeschooling. My husband and I held our annual teacher in-service conference at the end of every summer. We would take a long walk through a local park, meet at … Continue reading

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Meet the 2015 Sonlight Scholarship Winners

Many high school graduates have talent. Many score well on standardized tests and get into great colleges. Many hope to make something of themselves. But you know what strikes me about Sonlight graduates? They seem to have a sense of … Continue reading

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What Defines Success?

Imagine for a moment that your students have graduated homeschooling. What would make you feel like your homeschool was a success? Would you be a success if your student got a Ph.D, went to Harvard, or revolutionized a part of … Continue reading

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Why do you homeschool?

Read that with any emphasis you like ... Why do you homeschool? Why do you homeschool? Why do you homeschool?! It all boils down to the same thought process ... what's the motivation behind your decision to homeschool? There's a … Continue reading

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Living in the Mundane ...

2014 is upon us ... a whole new year stretching out with anticipation. Lots of folks are filling Facebook and blogs with New Year's Resolutions. I think goal setting is an admirable and necessary exercise for living life effectively. However … Continue reading

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Why Isn't Sonlight's History Chronological?

Sonlight pioneered the literature-based approach to homeschooling over twenty years ago. But that's not all. We also focus on history as the backbone of our Core programs. This was a rather unorthodox idea at the time. Since 1990, others have … Continue reading

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