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What the ORE Videos Can't Show You

There are at least two things the Off-Road Encounters videos haven't shown you. In fact, they couldn't have shown you these things, though they would have liked to. I'll mention both of these now, as I believe they are crucial … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Now Is Not the Time to Learn About Islam

I understand that missionary work is very important. However, I don't appreciate you encouraging us to teach our children to understand Muslim culture and beliefs. I think this is particularly poor timing. I appreciate the feedback. Of course, I was … Continue reading

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What Can Your Children Do This International Literacy Day?

Reading is important. You need to be able to do it to get through school -- though, of course, we find workarounds if we struggle with reading. But as a student growing up, that was it. I needed to read … Continue reading

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150 Muslims

"Every Ramadan, my mom would make a huge thing of baklava as a treat for after the sun went down." It's lunchtime and we've been talking food again. Who doesn't like food? Thinking about baklava, my mouth is starting water.* … Continue reading

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A Season for Helping ...

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, some good friends of ours lost their home to fire. They and their four young children were able to escape quite literally with only the clothing on their backs. The family is infinitely … Continue reading

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Learning to say thanks out loud

Our server went out of her way to help John and me enjoy our meal. I genuinely appreciated her extra effort. So why didn't I tell her that? That's when I realized that I often let things go unsaid. I … Continue reading

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Lost in India? Empty Your "Backpack" Before Tomorrow Night

If you've been involved in Lost in India, you've probably already received a few (dozen?) reminders to add up the money you saved in your "backpack" and give online. But I know I'm busy and tend to plan to get … Continue reading

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