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Welcome the Opposition to Homeschooling

Don't let me forget to tell you about how wolves change rivers. But first... I'm on my way home from a family trip. There are nine of us on this flight, so I'm across the aisle from my wife and … Continue reading

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Don't Stay in School - musings on education

If you haven't see the educational video Don't Stay in School, check it out: I enjoyed the song. It's catchy, creative, asks some solid questions, and points to frustrations to which millions of people can relate. Myself, included. But even … Continue reading

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Why Get an Education?

We seem to agree that "an education" is important. But why? Why go through the trouble of being educated? Put another way: What is the purpose of education? [For this post, I'm going to set aside the more basic questions … Continue reading

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How Sonlight Handles the Trivium

Or "How You Get a Classical Education with Sonlight You and Your Children Will Love" What is a Classical Education? The basic idea behind a "Classical Education" or the "trivium" is that learning progresses through three main stages: Grammar (accumulating … Continue reading

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"I'm a teacher. I would never homeschool."

A friend shot me a link to the current quora thread If given a choice, will you homeschool your child? Why? The response at the top right now is by Hiland Hall. He says... I entered public school in 5th … Continue reading

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When Education Becomes a Knowledge Set Instead of a Lifestyle

Study Guide vs Story One of the blogs I follow shared an article about why using textbooks and tests is doomed for failure. The thing that stuck out to me -- amidst the discussion of education funding, resource management, and … Continue reading

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It's Not the System

Her laugh is cruel. "You don't know how to do this?" "I'm sorry," he says defensively. "I have gaps in my education. I was homeschooled." These two argue from time to time; they are both cut of the confidence cloth, … Continue reading

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