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With Homeschooling, You Set the Pace So Kids Never Have to Fail

If your child is 5 and reading at a third grade level, why would you leave her in school? She needs something more challenging. And if your child is 5 and barely recognizing letters yet, why would you leave him … Continue reading

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Don't Stay in School - musings on education

If you haven't see the educational video Don't Stay in School, check it out: I enjoyed the song. It's catchy, creative, asks some solid questions, and points to frustrations to which millions of people can relate. Myself, included. But even … Continue reading

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Homeschool Benefit: Focus on the Stuff that Matters

He was absolutely brilliant. A perfect score on the ACT. Throwing the class curve by consistently being over the 100% mark. Winner of the honors Science Award. His notes were impeccable and neat. "The other student to win the Science … Continue reading

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