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6 Keys to Easing Homeschool Anxiety in Extended Family

There’s something about going off the beaten path of education that causes anxiety and uncertainty. Even the most supportive and loving families may be unhappy when a mom or dad mentions homeschooling. Reactions may range from a raised eyebrow of shock … Continue reading

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Welcome the Opposition to Homeschooling

Don't let me forget to tell you about how wolves change rivers. But first... I'm on my way home from a family trip. There are nine of us on this flight, so I'm across the aisle from my wife and … Continue reading

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How Not to Evaluate Homeschooling

Update: Since this post was first written in December 2013, I've had an opportunity to reevaluate it. In light of several comments and insights, combined with a rereading of the original article in question, I've come to see that I've … Continue reading

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