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It's hot here today. A balmy 101 degrees showed up on our thermometer around noon today. That's a bit toasty for the northeast ... even in June!

I spent the morning, in my fan-cooled office, unloading boxes from the last of my convention travels. I was putting books back on the shelves in my office and smiling at the titles that were our favorites from over the years. I have very clear memories of reading about Vikings from the Time Traveler in what was then Core 2. By the Great Horn Spoon was one of our American History favorites, along with Little Britches and Bruchko.

I think Core G was our all-time favorite. We started that year with The Golden Goblet. It was mysterious and exciting and gave a memorable start to our homeschool!

Our last child graduates next year .. and we haven't purchased a Core package in almost 6 years. How I miss that amazing, "rich" feeling of opening a box full of brand new books every summer. I would have a stack of titles to read through before we began our school year. But not to worry! I ordered some of the new Core F titles anyway this year. I had to have them to share with folks at conventions! And I got to enjoy my own Box Day ... right here in my tiny little office. Who says it's only for kids?!

So this is what is sitting on my desk this summer. A whole bunch of wonderful new Core F titles to read. And a great excuse to stay inside while the temperature soars. Can't wait to travel to London, Africa, Palestine, China, and Sassafras Springs!

What Sonlight titles have been favorites for your family? Do you have a stack of books just calling your name this summer? Tell me what's in your stack. And remember ... just because your kids are growing up and graduating doesn't mean you can't still  have a Box Day ... or a stack of books!

Still on the journey ...
~Judy Wnuk
Sonlight Customer Champion

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