Flexing the Flexible

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When I flex, my arm goes from rather bony--both in width and color--to not quite so bony--in width, though the color remains the same deathly white <smile>.

It goes without saying: I don't flex to impress people.

But I do work on a "flex schedule." This means that I can work extra long Monday-Thursday and then take off early on Fridays (that's why my posts tend to come a few hours early on days like today... if anyone noticed).

Wish your life was more like mine (bony arms and all)?

Well, Sonlight extends this kind of flexibility to you with a 4-day option in the Instructor's Guides. For most subjects you have the option to make your Fridays even more relaxed than mine without having to rethink anything (you do, however, have to turn your IG pages over to the 4-day schedule printed on the back).

I helped put together some instruction videos on how to assemble your IG if you're at all interested.

They're from a couple years ago, but they give you a visual reference for what I'm talking about. ...on the subject of the 4-day schedule, not my bony arms or taking off early on Friday. Just to be clear <smile>.

So, even if you do a normal day of homeschooling on Fridays, may you have a great rest of the day, a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Mrs. C

    LOL I love how at the end they're going, well, howcome we spent *all this money* and they won't put it together for us??

    Um, after they explained that you could put it together as a four or five-day program. After they explained that here are some stickers for your readers and SOME people like to put them on their book binders and SOME people like to put them on their notebooks...

    I would be a total renegade and pitch the system they use in favour of dividing everything by subject, including the student sheets. We tend to be a year ahead of some things than others and I just cant see myself doing it week one, two, three, if we are literally homeschooling 52 weeks a year with a couple days off for Christmas. :]

    I like the explanation that all your teachers' stuff is in two binders. HOW do they do that? Because I have (literally) six honkin' big teachers' manuals, little slips of tests, workbooks... tons o' stuff.

    Do they just label the lesson "teach fractions" or something, and you're on your own? How could all that get packed into that little box???

  2. ~ Angi :)

    The only "problem" I see with our current SL IG is that there are no "formal" lessons for (in no particular order):

    * Architecture 101: 14 year old boy, a treehouse, graphpaper, and a terrific imagination.

    * Impromtu Political Muse Via Guitar: same 14 year old boy, one guitar, one terrific imagination, and several LOL-at-the-expense-of-Washington moments (all clean lyrics, of course!)

    * Stand Up Comedy 202: 14 year old boy, attempting to obtain a 'get out of school work free' pass . . .and failing miserably.

    * Get Back In The Good Graces of Dad 301: 16 year old daughter sporting a new science word in hopes of impressing the intended audience.

    and my personal favorite:

    * Stop The World And All The Schoolwork Therein, whilst we tend to the young'n whose recouperating from immunizations. Otherwise known as Pre-Parenting Skills 101.

    yep. Sonlight's Instructors Guide surely needs to include those.


    I wonder how they'll manage??

  3. By Mom

    Sonlight has taught me about so much about streamlining and organization.

    I love the IGs. Not just the lesson plans themselves, but they way it's laid out, detailed notes, customizable and relatively compact compared to my non SL friends who have everything everywhere.

    The teachers stuff fits into two binders because SL is so organized. However, math is not scheduled in the IG. There's a place to write it in I think (as with handwriting) because SL offers so many different math programs. Those manuals are separate.

    Now if we can just figure out how they pack those boxes so well. I can never get the materials back in for storage.

  4. Kim & Dave

    Yep....we do the four day wek, but we take off Tuesdays.

  5. Wendy

    And we take off Mondays because that's dad's day off.

    We've used the 4 day schedule most years, still buying the 5 day books to keep my daughter happy. You don't know how many times I've had a mini panic attack while starting a new week just before realizing I have the 5 day IG face up instead of the 4, lol.

  6. Karen Joy

    We (usually) do 4 days/week, but I get the five-day curriculum because I can't bear to skip anything. :D Some weeks, we are able to get 5 days' worth of work done in four, but what with all the other stuff we do, it typically takes us 18 months to get through 36 weeks of material. I'm OK with that. :) My kids still learn TONS and I'm not stressed out trying to get them to learn more than they are able to hold/retain.

  7. Mrs. C

    Thanks, ByMom. I shoulda figured out that math would not be in the folders as I have ordered Singapore Maths from Sonlight before and gotten the manuals separate.

    Somehow I *imagined* this would be incorporated into the big IG folders. I just imagined wrong. :]

  8. Anne

    We LOVE the 4-day option. Since I work on Sunday nights and sleep Monday mornings, we take Mondays off. Even after I wake up, I'm pretty useless! We do a little reading and math, but that's it. Love everything about this curriculum and I share it with everyone I know. I've often wished it were a multi-level marketing company - I'd be rich!!

  9. Alison

    Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the comment. :)

    AND...from what I gather, you work for Sonlight?? Is this right? Sonlight is definitely at the top of my list and I think we will at least get a Core K package, although I'm tempted to do the Newcomer K package. We'll see... :)


  10. Luke

    Mrs. C, you rebel you <laughing>.

    Angi, if you haven't sent in those ideas in feedback, you should <smile>. I believe each IG has lots of space in the Other Notes section where you could include all these other subjects and classes <smile>.

    By Mom, please send me your URL if you have blog, I'd love to start following you, but your profile is currently not activated. The box packing is a carefully guarded secret passed down through the generations... <smile>

    Kim, Wendy, Karen, and Anne: Gotta love the flexibility of homeschooling. It's a beautiful thing <smile>.

    Alison, you caught me: I do work for Sonlight--and am related to the founders <smile>. The Newcomer Packages are certainly a good place to start <hint hint>. <smile>


  11. By Mom


    You will LOVE the newcomer packages. The only reason I don't get them anymore is because my son is one grade level ahead on math. You can always use the extra resources--having two maps is really handy.

    Luke, you are so sweet. My really boring blog is http://www.menloparkacademy.blogspot.com

  12. Luke

    By Mom, thanks so much for your blog address. You are added to my RSS feed, and I look forward to reading what you have to say... boring or no <smile>. So far I see that you have a recipe for playdough on your sidebar so it can't be that bad <smile>.


  13. Heather the Mama Duk

    We do the five day and take off whenever we feel like. Gotta love the total flexibility :) Just today Ani was paging through the Core 2 IG I have sitting on my desk and she asked what the upside down stuff was and I told her it was for the 4 day plan. She looked horrified and said "But we're not doing that right? That would mean less books!"

    Jamie works on a flex schedule. The Department of Homeland Security calls it an "alternative work schedule." He works 4 nine-hour days each week, an eight-hour day once a week, and has off once a week. His day off is every other Monday. We don't do school when he's home.

  14. Luke

    I love that story, Heather! Love it! <smile>