Flexing the Flexible

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When I flex, my arm goes from rather bony--both in width and color--to not quite so bony--in width, though the color remains the same deathly white <smile>.

It goes without saying: I don't flex to impress people.

But I do work on a "flex schedule." This means that I can work extra long Monday-Thursday and then take off early on Fridays (that's why my posts tend to come a few hours early on days like today... if anyone noticed).

Wish your life was more like mine (bony arms and all)?

Well, Sonlight extends this kind of flexibility to you with a 4-day option in the Instructor's Guides. For most subjects you have the option to make your Fridays even more relaxed than mine without having to rethink anything (you do, however, have to turn your IG pages over to the 4-day schedule printed on the back).

I helped put together some instruction videos on how to assemble your IG if you're at all interested.

They're from a couple years ago, but they give you a visual reference for what I'm talking about. ...on the subject of the 4-day schedule, not my bony arms or taking off early on Friday. Just to be clear <smile>.

So, even if you do a normal day of homeschooling on Fridays, may you have a great rest of the day, a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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