Save 50% when you update your Sonlight Instructor's Guide

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Sonlight's per pupil cost drops the more you use one of our programs. Because almost everything in your Core or Multi-Subject Package is reusable, adding an additional student requires a few consumable activity sheets or workbooks and little else. So you can continue to use and reuse the same Core years after you purchase it. Just be sure to get all the consumables you'll need when you first order. We regularly update our homeschool curriculum and may not carry the older items when you're ready to use the program again.

But what if you see an update to a program that will make your life blissfully easier? We want you to be able to update your program for a fraction of the cost. That's why we have an Instructor's Guide Repurchase Discount. If you bought an IG from us years ago (by itself or as part of a package), you can update it to the latest edition for half off. And if next year you want to update again, you'll save 50% once more. And again. And again.

Simply add an IG you already purchased from us to your cart, and we'll give you the discount. It's that easy.

Often with an update, we may switch out previous books with improved titles. To quickly add the new books, pull up the package and click on the Items tab. There you will find a "Show Previously Purchased Items" checkbox. Now you will be able to easily see the items you do not currently own.
Previously Purchased Items
We're here to help you have a successful homeschool experience year after year after year. Sonlight's IG Repurchase Discount is just one of the many ways we can do that for you.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Gaurdian

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