The Early Years - Math

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Let's face it, some kids are born with the math gene, and some just aren't. I personally missed out on that valuable piece of genetic material, but fortunately at least one of our children inherited his dad's ease with math.

So what does math learning look like in the elementary grades? Especially if mom isn't all that comfortable with the subject herself! Does 30 minutes of math mean sitting at the table doing a workbook for 30 minutes? Yikes! I sure hope not ...

If you have a workbook-loving student, then spend 15 minutes going over a worksheet together. Then close the book and move on to 15 more minutes with counting blocks, or math games (Mathtacular is a great choice!) on the computer. I remember teaching my younger students about pairs by having them match and fold socks. We learned simple addition and subtraction by setting the table ... counting out the forks, knives and spoons ... discussing how many we needed to take away if dad wasn't going to be home for dinner that evening. And baking is an awesome way to introduce simple fractions (and even get in a little Science at the same time!).

Have *FUN* learning math with your child. It doesn't have to be painful. If you'd like some additional practical ways to teach math without workbooks or textbooks, check out Ruth Beechick's Three R's Series.

More to come! ...

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