Work Boots and Curriculum

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I spent most of today in my socks. This reminded me of my homeschool days. You don't have to wear shoes if you're doing work in the living room.

But I wasn't in my living room. I was here at Sonlight.

The weather has turned cold and snowy. My normal shoes get unpleasantly wet. So I wore my "work boots" to work today. But I didn't keep them on. It's rather uncomfortable to wear such heavy-duty footwear while editing video in a cubicle.

My Work Boots

Hence, my socks.

As I pulled on my boots I was struck by the power of having the right tools at the right time. My normal shoes are horribly ineffective in winter weather. I could certainly use a plastic bag around my foot as a cheap alternative to waterproof boots. It would do the trick. But my boots have made my life better.

I went for my lunch-time walk and my feet didn't freeze. My footing was sure. My life was easier. And I felt super cool.

Sonlight's Core programs are like my boots. You can absolutely homeschool without them. You don't need Sonlight to package everything together for you. You don't need guaranteed materials. There are other options out there; like a plastic bag in a shoe.

Sonlight offers you tools. Each Core offers a warmth of certainty if you're feeling overwhelmed. It provides a clear and solid path to walk down. A Core can make your life easier. And with all the incredible literature, every Core is super cool.

If the season of your educational needs has changed, remember that you can try--risk free--your pair of "Sonlight boots" for half a school year before deciding if they really are everything you wanted and more...

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. Jill in Kentucky

    I totally agree, Luke, you need the right tools for the job. My dad was a wonderful woodworker and that is one thing he stressed [along with measure twice and cut once], "You have to have the right tools for the job."

    I think kids need to have the right tools to learn and grow too, and I do agree that Sonlight is a great choice, but I also want to say that giving your child great books, blocks, balls and other classic toys are the right tools for the job.

    So, Sonlight and classic toys are all you need! [Well maybe a few other things, but they sure are a good start!]

  2. Luke

    That "measure twice and cut once" is a very important lesson to remember <smile>. And, you're right: There are many more tools that are beyond the scope of Sonlight which would be great for your children. Totally! Great point, Jill <smile>.