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4 Reasons to Finish a Read-Aloud You Don't Like

It can be a shock when, a few chapters into a book, you and your children are yawning as the pages turn. Maybe the story moves slowly or the vocabulary seems over your children's heads. You wonder, "What is wrong … Continue reading

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Homeschooling the Struggling Reader

My little sister loves reading. If she has some free time, she'll open a book. Reading is one of her favorite ways to pass the day. Me? Not so much. In fact, I read very few books every year. It's … Continue reading

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Four Myths About Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool

How do we teach our kids to write well without killing their joy in the process? Beware these four myths about teaching writing that can frustrate our kids and keep them from loving to write. Myth #1: Good readers make good … Continue reading

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The Voice Bringing Tales to Life

Ask anyone who has parented long enough to see their child's shoe size dwarf their own: things change as the years go by. It's true across the board. The favorite t-shirt you had to pry from your son's body to … Continue reading

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Working with the Wigglies During Read Aloud Time

Did you know it's actually okay not to require your children to "sit still and pay attention" during read aloud time? My children have always loved to be read to, but after a few minutes they tended to get "the wigglies" … Continue reading

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An International Trend You Already Enjoy

Sonlight families are on top of an international trend, and we may not even know it! Have you seen articles online that ask people to look up from their electronic gadgets once in a while? I know I have. Many … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Reading Aloud as Adults

A Sonlight Moment from a month ago got me thinking this morning. Many Sonlighters discover the joy of Read-Alouds through their years of listening to books together. This is different from the "book haters" who are foiled by Sonlight. Finding … Continue reading

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