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6 Ways Kids Can Keep Reading When the Library is Closed

Does your child inhale books? Do you get them a big stack of books just to turn around to them telling you that they’ve just finished….all of them? I understand this completely! If you are anything like me, it’s both … Continue reading

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Six Types of Children's Books for a Beautiful Home Library

I once found a quote I liked by Jim Rhoan (I don’t know who he is—just found this quote somewhere). He said, “Poor people have big TVs; rich people have big libraries.” I don’t know if that is completely true, … Continue reading

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A Public School Success Story: The 1,000 Books Project

I read a stunning article last month. It begins: "Melinda started 2nd grade with everything against her. She lives in poverty, her mom is not literate in English or Spanish, and she was severely abused at the age of 6. … Continue reading

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I Love My Library

  While we always have plenty to do to keep us occupied these winter days, sometimes I find that we get "cabin fever" and a change of scenery does us good. That's when I like to load up the kids … Continue reading

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