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From Luke's Inbox: Favorite Homeschool Memories

What are some of your favorite memories about homeschooling as a child? What do you wish you could (or could not) have done now that you are an adult? I don't come from a homeschooled background, so I'd love to … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Ministry in Public School

I know you went to a public high school for the purpose of ministry. I feel called to do the same. Most people are heavily discouraging me from doing this. They say that homeschooled students who go to a public … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Other Posts of Note

You had a link on your blog that I found odd. I read it because the title sounded interesting. But I found the post mainly bashed Christianity and called Christians simpleminded. Why would you have a link to that website? … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: You Missed It!

I believe your post minimizes what your customers were saying yesterday on a very important issue. It does not take much perusing of Ms. Keeley's site to find a very disturbing theme of if you just believe it enough, you … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Sonlight and Socialism

Hi Luke, Last night at church, a lady cornered me wondering why Sonlight uses a history text that promotes socialism. She was referring to Hakim's History of US. I tried to explain that the Instructor's Guides give lots of notes … Continue reading

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