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You had a link on your blog that I found odd. I read it because the title sounded interesting. But I found the post mainly bashed Christianity and called Christians simpleminded.

Why would you have a link to that website? I am not mad, I just don't understand and am curious.

You've helped me see how I haven't been particularly clear on my blog. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain:

The post in question is one I added to my Other Posts of Note. I read tons of blog posts every day and like to link to the ones I find interesting or noteworthy. I don't necessarily agree with the posts, like their message, or appreciate their tone, but I find the post is worth noting. I tend to include things that make me smile or make me think. In the case of the post you mention, I found it very provocative and spoke to some very real issues I've seen in the homeschool world. I included it because I found the post caused me to again think about some very real issues.

I don't like being bashed and called simpleminded either. But I do find it fascinating to learn why someone would consider me simpleminded and worthy of bashing. I find that those who would disagree with me often have insights I don't.

Please feel free to write to me if you'd like me to share why I found a particular post noteworthy. I'm happy to try to explain the crazy stuff going on inside my head <smile>.

By the by, if you have 12 minutes at some point this weekend, I found the video in this post to be particularly fascinating this week.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Karen Joy

    Mmmm, I think what you've written here is one of the main reasons I love homeschooling! (At least, the type of homeschooling I'm aiming for!) It's the ability to consider (truly consider) others' opinions, weigh them, be convicted by them, listen to them, etc., even if we don't agree!! I went to a Christian school for K-12, and I was never exposed to ANYTHING with which the administration did not agree. I don't think that's an entire education. I think we should be willing to listen to those who think/believe differently than we do, even diametrically opposed to how we think & believe, without getting our hackles raised!!

    I loved that video, too! Watched it last week...

  2. Luke

    Thanks so much, Karen! Nodding along with you <smile>.


  3. mom

    I love your Other Posts of Note because they always challenge my thinking about why I believe what I believe. How can we minister to the world out there without knowing those kinds of things?

    Keep it up, Luke!


  4. Luke

    Thanks, Tammy!


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