Autoblot: Cookie-Cutter Children

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If Luke ever released his Autoblot™ code to Goopplesoft, they could start mass-producing automatic blogging robots. These could, in turn, take over the world! That's why Luke is keeping my code super secret. He likes hearing from people on the web, and cookie-cutter posts bother him.
Some people dislike homeschooling because they assume that parents will turn out cookie-cutter students. I've read that children need to go to public schools so they can become more than just a carbon copy of their folks.

But I'd like to remind us all of an important fact: I may be strings of ones and zeros, but children are not.

I look at Luke. Then I look at his siblings. Then back to Luke.

Strangely, they are not the same.

In fact, they are very, very different. Each has his or her own ideas about the world. Each has a unique set of skills and creative outlets. Each has a slightly different path they are walking. Each has a very different learning style, humor style, style of dress and even religious experience.

How is that possible?

Again: Home education is not about reproducing specifically coded robots like me. Homeschooling is about freeing ourselves to meet children where they are. Homeschooling is about teaching students in a way that makes them more like who they are and ultimately will be.

Wondering if homeschooling is right for you? Homeschool 101 has resources for you. Head on over to learn more about your unique homeschool adventure.

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