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How to Make Homeschool Routines Automatic with Action Linking

While all children are a bit disorganized and have a hard time remembering to take care of their belongings, some struggle more than others. If you have a child who never puts away pencils, who rarely remembers to place dishes … Continue reading

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5 Homeschool Organization Questions that Make a Big Impact

Could you homeschool organization use a makeover? Start with these five areas. Your answers will lead you to changes that make a big impact! Continue reading

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4 Ways to Combine Homeschool and Housekeeping to Get More Done

It’s tricky to find a healthy balance between schoolwork and housekeeping. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for a family to favor one at the expense of the other. There will inevitably be times when not a single chapter of any book … Continue reading

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How My Home Routine Fosters a Peaceful and Productive Homeschool

At about four o’clock I begin the daily ritual of walking through my home after teaching for the day. My mind still cluttered with math problems, I see a home equally overloaded with family clutter. Silently I resolve not to … Continue reading

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Housekeeping #5: Find one spot

There are days that a hurricane apparently ripped through my house and left all spaces in upheaval. On those days, I find a spot in the house, clean it up, and look at it for a bit. This one spot … Continue reading

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Housekeeping #4: Have less stuff

In our house, each child has a box in the IKEA Kallax shelving that is dedicated to their treasures. When the box is full, they can go through their treasures and rearrange or reduce to make room for more. But … Continue reading

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Housekeeping #3: The 80/20 Rule and Housework

You have probably heard of the 80/20 Rule. Twenty percent of effort will get you 80% of the way there. Or, basically, effort is not linear. Some effort produces an outsized effect. In day-to-day life, you have to make choices … Continue reading

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