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5 Cleaning Strategies for the Busy Homeschool Mom

Having a large family can be chaotic. And messy. One child might be cutting paper, a second playing with LEGO bricks, and a third sewing, while other children are in their rooms playing with toys. Dishes pile up, laundry hides … Continue reading

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5 Homeschool Organization Tips for Moms Who Can't Stand Clutter

Homeschooling is an open invitation to clutter. The minute we even consider homeschooling, clutter makes itself at home by way of picture books, paper, art supplies, science projects, costumes, curriculum, snacks, DVDs, mismatched socks, toys, and educational resources.  And yet, … Continue reading

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Housekeeping #4: Have less stuff

In our house, each child has a box in the IKEA Kallax shelving that is dedicated to their treasures. When the box is full, they can go through their treasures and rearrange or reduce to make room for more. But … Continue reading

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It's time to . . . clean house!

Yep ... it's that time of year again. Time for starting school, freezing corn, and cleaning out! For whatever reason I have always felt the need to clean house at the beginning of every school year. Sort of a "fresh … Continue reading

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