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How My Homeschooled Children Found Their Careers

It's a fear every parent knows, but homeschool parents might feel it more: Will my children be able to find a meaningful career ... that they love ... that will allow them to support themselves (and maybe a whole family)? … Continue reading

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Dropping the Burden of Performance

Are you feeling burdened right now? This season can be stressful and depleting; how sad given that this is meant to be a time of joy and refreshment. You'll find some excellent pointers and encouragement in Judy's post yesterday about … Continue reading

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...or "Why Considering History is Important" They show up at my door, the newest edition of their publication in hand. As with every sect or person who's willing to discuss life, the universe, and everything, I welcome them in. "Isn't … Continue reading

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Why So Serious? Finding Joy in Homeschooling

It's Sunday morning after second service. Most people have filtered out of the building. A few groups still chat together in your foyer. Little kids are running around, as usual. Their happy shrieks punctuate the air like smiley faces dotting … Continue reading

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You Feeling Totally Paralyzed?

I hear her bang her computer mouse repeatedly against the desk. My wife is usually an incredibly patient and relaxed person, but every now and again she'll snap. Not to worry, she still has nothing on me in the lose-it … Continue reading

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Things we Fear

I went to the dentist yesterday. I hadn't been in a few years. (Oops!) Not since before Elaina was born. I hadn't really thought about my visit. Seeing the dentist has never bothered me. I sat in the chair and … Continue reading

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I had planned to write about how I am tired of hate. And I am. I am so overwhelmed by the hate that is pounded all the time. Between Christians, between sexes, between countries, between people. I know there are … Continue reading

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