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How to Spot a Homeschooled College Student

How do you know if a college student was homeschooled? Is it easy for college professors to spot a homeschooled college student out of a crowd of co-eds? Unfortunately, stereotypes still linger when it comes to homeschoolers. Some college faculty … Continue reading

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Meet the 2015 Sonlight Scholarship Winners

Many high school graduates have talent. Many score well on standardized tests and get into great colleges. Many hope to make something of themselves. But you know what strikes me about Sonlight graduates? They seem to have a sense of … Continue reading

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Socialization Ill: Pressure to Not Excel

This was inspired by Jessica's post The Freedom to Learn - A Homeschool Benefit. Please check it out. Running Ahead Switching to public high school after being homeschooled put a metaphorical chip on my shoulder. I had something to prove. … Continue reading

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Your College Student Could Get More Back Than You Put In

I'm talking purely dollars and cents. If you have a student entering college this year, they could win a scholarship from Sonlight worth more than what it costs to buy complete programs from Sonlight for the last 15 years. That … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: What About AP Classes?

What do you think about the push for dual credit and AP classes? We sometimes feel we are behind since we aren't in that super competitive circle. And yet, I feel our more peaceful approach has not left us any … Continue reading

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You Are Raising a Person

You homeschool. That's great. Homeschooling is a good option with at least 22 blog posts worth of benefits. I wonder if we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture, though. We love homeschooling, not so much because homeschooling is this … Continue reading

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Grades: Measure, Motivate, Monitor?

Apparently the median grade at Harvard is an A-. For me, this begs the question -- yet again -- why do we have grades? What is their purpose or function? Report Card I see three possibilities off the top: Grades … Continue reading

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