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She looks down at her Kindle. "I've been reading joke books," she admits. "Not the 'guy walks into a bar' kind. Teen vampire books. The kinds of books that are a joke."

"Do you need some recommendations?" my wife asks. "Because we can recommend some good ones."

Two minutes later, I'm flipping through a copy of the Sonlight Catalog. I find three titles I think would be great for this teenage girl Core K. There are a couple more books I think she'd really enjoy in Core 1. By the time I've made it through the High School programs, I've recommended dozens of titles. "We should buy more Sonlight Cores," I tell Brittany.

"Yes," she agrees.

A dull ache flickers in the background as I think, 'But we should wait until we have kids.' The pain vanishes and I'm focused again on the kid hanging out with us now.

"You can take that if you want," Brittany tells her.

She looks down at the Catalog as she gathers up her stuff. She hesitates. Then she adds it to her pile. "Sure. Why not."

An eighteen-year-old isn't the ideal Sonlight customer. And neither are we. But, when considering the joke books presented to the wider populace, we all agree that the literature included in Sonlight's homeschool programs is far superior.

Have you noticed a Sonlight book recently and decided to read it again? I love how good literature can be enjoyed by--and meaningful to--such a range of ages.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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