It's that time again!

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Is it possible that the summer is nearly over and it's time to begin school again? I'm fairly certain we just filed the end-of-year report with the school district, closed the books and filed them away! But the calendar does not lie and here it is mid-August again.

This year will be different for us. Our oldest has graduated from our homeschool and heads to her first year of college the end of this week. That will leave me with *only* two to school ... one sophmore and a junior higher. Our daughter's graduation has made me think back to when we began homeschooling some 14 years ago now and to mentally review how far we've come. There have "mountain top" years and years when I wondered if my children learned a single thing. Looking back I can see that both were valuable ... the mountain top experiences for boosting our self-confidence and building our love for learning ... and those lean years for causing us to depend on the Lord and realizing we really couldn't do this education thing in our own strength.

I'm looking forward to what this year holds ... and sharing some of it here! We'll be focusing on Civics, Gov't & American History from Sonlight for the sophmore. Along with Consumer Math, Chemistry and a writing program. The Junior Higher will be doing an indepth study of American History from Sonlight, Algebra 1 and Physical Science. It will be my second and third time through some of these subjects, but I find something new to learn each year as they share what they are learning.


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