Expectations and Snow

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While driving home from my second all-day-for-three-days meeting I noticed a few tiny flakes of snow swirling around. This was the first snow of the year (as far as I know), so that was pretty cool.

But I was wearing a short-sleeved polo.

This Shirt

And while there was a chill in the air when I got in my car, it wasn't that cold. How cold was it?

I looked down to my dashboard with a super-handy outside temperature reading, and it told me how cold it was outside: 45°.

45° and snowing.

Odd, but kind of fun.

That got me thinking: Often in life we run into these oddities--perhaps even more frequently while homeschooling--and we should embrace them as opportunities to wonder. Certainly they can be a chance to research, such as why it would snow when the temperature is thirteen degrees above freezing. But they also allow for us to merely experience wonder in a joy/surprise/awe sense of the word.

So, next time you and your children experience something like snow when it's 45°... stop and enjoy it because homeschooling gives you that opportunity.

If you need it in a tagline: Stop and watch the snowflakes.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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One Comment

  1. Julie

    Luke---allow me to be a Mom for a moment...Why were you wearing only a short-sleeved polo when it was 45 degrees? You're such a man! : )
    I am so jealous of your snow! Living in southern Va...our first snow may never come...and if it does...it may be all of 3 flakes and they'll call it a blizzard! lOL!
    We've had many moments in homeschooling to enjoy things others miss...seeing as I have boys...we got to see when they were tearing up our street with a backhoe to fix water pipes. Lots of cool big trucks, machines. We got to watch them tear up an old concrete sidewalk and build a new one....more cool trucks/tools. Nice highway guys too! We love the opportunities afforded us by hsing.