Cowboys, Facebook and Stuff I'd Write About

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I mention cowboys and Sonlight's catalog on my blog and no one comments. No one mentions it on Facebook. I mean, I realize it was toward the end of a post, but I thought I'd get at least one giggle or "yeehaw" or something.

I got crickets instead.

Then I noticed that Facebook never published the post that mentioned cowboys and catalogs and contests. Say wha? What's going on here?

I fiddle. I tinker. I poke around. Finally I add the "Notes" tab and, lo and behold, there the post is... but it's still not on Sonlight's Facebook Wall. First it was Twitter that just stopped updating my stuff. Now it's Facebook. The social media world has conspired to bring me a slow social death.


I've got several things I want to blog about, but they are sensitive subjects that require more thought and much more wisdom than I have. A few others would be better to post about at a later date. One is perfect for Father's Day (though I wrote it last week).

Needless to say, I'd rather be writing about other things than trying to sort out the mysteries of social media tools that simply stop working all of a sudden...

...and, please, someone tell me you thought having a cowboy on a page that said "Whoa! Hang on a minute there, cowboy" would have been hilarious. Otherwise, I'll have to post the crying cowboy sketch again...

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. Michelle


    And, the cowboy picture, while funny, doesn't really fit Sonlight. Sorry Luke. :)

    Social media can wonderful and frustrating all at the same time. I've noticed the same problem with facebook and my blog.


  2. se7en

    The tragedy is I clicked on the link but never got to meet a cowboy... just same old stuff!!! What can I say I was gutted and could think of nothing better than a cowboy saying his thing for a number of Sonlight pages!!! So I guess I was the one sobbing... but got over it quite quickly as we were quite busy unpacking!!! Hope your week picks up!!!

  3. Mrs. C

    I HATE when posts get no comments. I keep going over it to see what-all was so offensive that people didn't comment. Then I wonder well... maybe I wasn't offensive enough to INSPIRE them to comment?

    Let me encourage you to keep posting! I'm having trouble with facebook myself. :)

  4. Annemarie

    You know how sometimes in your google reader there are blogs you subscribe to but only read once in a blue moon? Yours is not one of those. :-)

    I clicked on the link and got nothing. Well, almost nothing. I got inspired to do all my planning and shopping for next year! Yee-haw!

    We have had some awesome "I love Sonlight!" moments and I am hoping to post them soon. Because seriously, we *love* Sonlight. So much in fact, that I am going to try the LA again next year so that I will be able to be a convention person. It is SO easy to sell something I believe in.

    Looking forward to your Father's Day post. :-)


  5. Luke

    Thanks, Michelle <smile>. The cowboy picture that we had didn't quite fit Sonlight, it's true. But it was much better than my sorry sketch <smile>. I wonder what's going on with Facebook these days...

    Se7en, the page you land on after you push the request a catalog button says "Whoa" on it... which I thought would be hilarious with a cowboy...

    Hmm... perhaps that's it, Mrs. C: I'm not offensive enough <smile>. Of course, my pleas for pity comments tend to get some response <smile>.

    Annemarie, I can't wait to read your "I love Sonlight" posts <smile>. And I totally understand the not getting to everything in your RSS reader every day. Happens to me more frequently than I'd like...

    Thanks everyone for helping me feel better! The crying cowboy is no more <smile>.