Cabin Fever

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Do you or your kids have a little cabin fever? If so, you are definitely not alone. This time of year is often very hard for homeschoolers ... even those who aren't in the middle of a snow-packed winter right now.

Let me encourage you: February is almost over and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sooner or later, spring will come again. I promise!

I was going to offer some practical advice about how to face the "winter doldrums" in your family and homeschool, but I found that a fellow Sonlight mom had already put that advice into words better than my own.

"Robin E." posted a short essay on the Forums the past two years and gave me permission to share it here as well. Even if you've seen it before, you might find it refreshing to re-read.

Click here to read Robin's two-page essay: "Mid-Year Doldrums and How You Can Beat Them."

We're praying hard here at the Sonlight office for God to sustain and encourage you. May Robin's words be an encouragement as well.

And may you press on toward the long-term hope to which God has called you!


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