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Transition to College with Advanced Placement in High School

Our oldest daughter worked at an accelerated pace through Sonlight's upper level courses and had finished Sonlight 400 by age fifteen. Because of her advanced writing skills, we knew she was ready for college level coursework. But at the tender … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Colleges Love Homeschoolers

One month into my freshman year of college, my math professor asked me to stay after class. “Were you homeschooled?” he asked. My face flushed, certain I’d somehow been outed as a dysfunctional outcast. (Pervasive stereotypes can affect even the … Continue reading

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How to Create a Four-year High School Plan for Homeschool

High school causes a great deal of fear for homeschooling parents. Many fear they are not equipped to handle the more difficult subject matter of upper grades. They are afraid they will ruin their children's chances of getting into college if their … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Homeschool Through High School!

Before my first baby (of ten) was born, I asked my seasoned midwife how to reach one of my birthing goals, "What is the greatest factor in getting through childbirth without medication?” Her wise response applies to so many aspects … Continue reading

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Extend the Sonlight Experience at a Christian Liberal Arts College

I remember researching colleges when I was in high school. I had relatively few criteria for choosing the university I would attend. My intended major was fairly easy to find, and finances were such that I knew grants, scholarships, and … Continue reading

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Why Teens Need to Experiment (and Fail) with Career Exploration

Not every homeschooled student will follow the traditional high school to college track. There are plenty of alternative endings to an educational journey after high school. We’ve seen this variety represented in our three recent graduates: one is working in … Continue reading

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Using Sonlight 300 For Our Unconventional High Schooler

I’ve got an unconventional high schooler. She’s our fifth homeschooled child, and her junior year is shaping up to look distinctly different from those of the four siblings who have already graduated before her. By now, we’ve learned to morph … Continue reading

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