Homeschool Graduations

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They come in all shapes and sizes ... big and small, in a living room, in a church ... but they all have one thing in common ... their uniqueness! I think this is one of the things I most love about homeschool graduations and graduation parties. They very often are a demonstration of the talents and strengths of the graduate(s).

Tonight we will be attending a graduation "recital" and reception for a friend's daughter. She has been homeschooled all her life and her greatest love has been, and still is, music. She will be putting on a piano recital for us all to enjoy, and then we will share refreshments and an opportunity to encourage her as she heads into a new leg of her life journey.

Another friend will be enjoying the graduation of his son this weekend. 18 homeschooled friends and families will gather together to celebrate and acknowledge their shared accomplishments.

A favorite memory of mine is the homeschool graduation of my daughter's piano teacher. While it took place many years ago, it still sticks with me. The celebration was held in her home with a group of close friends and family watching on. She and her parents had put together a meaningful ceremony of homeschool recollections and a charge from her parents for the life ahead of her. What a special memory for her (and us)!

Our oldest daughter graduated from our homeschool last year. She chose to participate in our state homeschool support group graduation ceremony. She and 120+ other graduates marched into the hall together as friends and family watched. When it came her turn to receive her diploma, her dad and I met her mid-stage to share together in her special moment. We presented her diploma, which seemed very fitting to me since we helped her obtain it!

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a homeschool graduation this year. If you've attended one in the past, I'd love to hear some of your favorite memories.


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