You Can Give Your Kids What They Really Want

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If you watch a Christmas movie this month, you'll probably see a variation of the same theme. Somewhere near the end, the main character will have a heartwarming revelation that the Christmas season – and life – are about relationships.

There's a reason it's cliché: Life really is about relationships. It all stems from our relationship with the Lord through Christ. When we receive the unconditional love of God through Christ, we are then able to truly love other people. We give the love we have freely received.

Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Our neighbor, of course, includes all those around us (and around the world), as well as our closest "neighbors" – our family. And love, of course, is about relationship.

Kids understand this. When we asked Sonlight parents last year to ask their children why they like being homeschooled, the most common response wasn't that they like sleeping in or doing schoolwork in their PJs. It was some variation on "I get to spend the day with Mom."

Give your kids time with you

I'd like to encourage you today that homeschooling is all about relationships. That as much as kids need a great academic education (and Sonlight is here to help you do that, no doubt), even more than that, kids need love and relationship with their parents.

As one mom puts it so well: "Your Children Want YOU!"

Even if you're not a perfect teacher (gasp!), or those Christmas crafts don't get finished, kids really just want a relationship with you. They don't need you to be perfect; they don't need a perfectly clean house; and they don't need to get everything on their Christmas list. They love you and just want to spend time with you! Even if they're older and wouldn't openly admit those things, they probably still ache for relationship.

When I was homeschooling, I figured out early on that I couldn't be all things to my children. But I could be present for them. And as Laura Lee so eloquently states, your presence is what kids will remember from homeschooling anyway.

So in the midst of your Christmas season this year, remember that your kids don't need a perfect mom (or dad). They need you.

You can do this. You can be there for your kids, apologize when you mess up, cheer them on when they try, and comfort them when they're sad. Homeschooling just gives you more time, more opportunities to do all of that.

I pray daily for our homeschool parents like you. May God bless you in this high and worthy calling!


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