What Does the New Year Mean for You?

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I had the opportunity to record a bit for The Sociable Homeschooler's New Year's show. Since I took the time to write up a few thoughts, I thought I'd publish them here as well:

The New Year, as a celebration, offers a chance to hang out with friends and family. Our tradition, which my wife brought to our household, is to make paper hats at our New Year's party. Everyone who's over makes one and we snap a picture of our creative work at midnight.

Our Hats in 2010

The new year also marks only four months until we launch our new Sonlight website and catalog April 1. I can't share anything right now, but there's some cool stuff coming. One of the mild frustrations of working on big projects is that you have to wait so long to tell people about them. And while four months is a third of a year, that time goes quickly.

Aside from the cool new things we're working on here at Sonlight, I don't currently have any plans to make this coming year different. We'll continue to have kids over for movie night every Saturday. Brittany and I are still teaching Sunday School. When we have the chance, we look for strategic giving opportunities. This is a practice we started really pursuing last year and are working to grow in it even more. And I'll continue to work on my free film school. I have an idea for the next course I'm hoping to make, but we'll see if I can carve out enough free time to finish it.

I don't currently actively prepare for the new year. I also don't make resolutions. I do, however, try to look back with gratitude for God's provision and grace over the last year. Again and again, as we read the Old Testament, God reminds His people to remember what He has done for them past, especially when they are facing a new challenge. I think recalling God's faithfulness helps us build our faith. And resting in God's goodness, especially when following Him through really hard times, is the best way I've seen to be free of stress. His grace is sufficient and He provides peace that wouldn't make sense in any other context.

Not that I've figured all this out <smile>. But may God's goodness continue to lead us to repentance. May His faithfulness encourage us to be more faithful. And may His redemptive work spill over from our lives into the lives of those around us.

May you have a blessed and fruitful new year.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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