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I just read an amazing post that made me tear up. Absolutely amazing. A very good reminder that we are not perfect, but there's a reason that's okay.

But I sensed a different theme today since Kristen has already covered grace and forgiveness so well.

Today's theme was businesses, corporations, and the "evil empires" of the homeschool curriculum world. As a member of one of these, and a firm believer in it--not to mention being raised by a semi-heretic--I feel a keen duty to respond. In fact, I already have (and I hope I did so well, winsomely, graciously, and with love and a touch of humor). But now I'd like to more proactively deal with the subject: Sonlight Curriculum as a homeschool provider, company, and business entity.

Sonlight's primary goal is to enable parents to raise their children in the homeschool environment. As my mom has said from the beginning: To keep parents "in the field" one more year. This started with missionaries overseas, but has since morphed to include homeschooling parents everywhere. The goal is to provide a resource that people can come to for materials if they do not have access to them where they are. In that sense, Sonlight is a service. And thus, customer service is a huge priority.

But aren't homeschool companies like Sonlight money-grubbing? I mean, can't I find the books cheaper elsewhere?


But online book retailers are purely in it for the profit. Companies dedicated to your homeschooling experience do far more. They exist to help you with your success in educating your children, not just selling you a box of books. In fact, every homeschool curriculum provider is also giving you the time and effort it takes to compile and organize the materials, testing, adjusting, and working to make your experience the best that it can be.

At least, that's how it is here at Sonlight. I'm guessing it's true for the other guys as well.

So, yes, Sonlight Curriculum is a business. A business that makes it possible for you to teach your children "The way you wish you'd been taught. Guaranteed." And if it turns out not to be that way for you, please send it back.

Where else do you get a 100% guarantee like that?

You can't if you do it yourself.

Not that you shouldn't do it yourself if you want to. Rather, Sonlight provides a unique opportunity that we want to make as painless to try as possible. We want you to find the right match for you and your kids. If that's not Sonlight, that's fine. And with the guarantee, you can spend half a year figuring that out before you are in any real financial binds.

As a company we can do that for you.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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