The Three Rs

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Registered Trademarks, Reviews and Research.

If you're super astute, or have too much time on your hands so that you spend your days looking at every pixel on this blog, you may have noticed that I've recently added a few Registered Trademark--®--symbols to the sidebar. It turns out that we're supposed to note that our product (Sonlight®) is a registered trademark more often.

So, since I'm trying to do my part as an official Sonlight blogger, I've added them. But don't worry: I know this is a blog and I'm not going to start slapping that symbol everywhere on this blog.

Really. I'm not.


In other news, I just had my first "Review" as a Sonlight employee. Yep, until recently, I wasn't a full-time employee, so I didn't get none of them fancy re-views.

Turns out I'm doing an okay job--I have yet to make anyone really angry in the blogosphere. So: so far, so good. If you think I'm doing an okay job, be sure to let me know in the comments. That way, if I ever get in trouble I can tell my superiors: Well, all two of my readers think I'm great! <smile> which, of course, they would reply: You're supposed to have more than two readers, Luke.

Ouch. Can't argue with that hypothetical exchange.

I've also been looking into other Social Media/Networking tools. I'm still working out the kinks for applying them to this blog, but I hope to implement them soon. I even get to go to a special seminar thingy tomorrow. I'm pretty excited!

Talk at y'all tomorrow. Please feel free to talk back.

I listen.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. mary grace

    You have *ten* readers. I checked your followers bar. :-)

  2. Sarah Bray

    Am I the second? Woohoo! ;)

  3. emily

    Comment junkie.

    Well, I can take a hint--even when bludgeoned over the head with it. I think you're doing a great job, Luke. (And I don't even fit into the target audience!) You post every weekday and you reply to comments! That isn't easy. I may not be a homeschool mom, but as a fellow blogger--Thanks for making the blogosphere a better place to be!

    Oh, and since I didn't say it before, I also really appreciated your piece on tithing. :)

  4. Mrs. C

    I like your little R thing. That's pretty cute.

  5. Luke

    I wondered how many people would call me on my claim of only two readers <smile>. I actually have around 30 regular readers right now (near as I can tell with the tools I have). My comment was hyperbole to elicit sympathy and encouragement.

    Yes, I am sick and needy <smile>. But you all love me anyway, and for that I am grateful.

    Thank you all for your comments. I ask--even fish--for them because I love hearing for all of you so much!


  6. agentlejoy

    I'm not really sure why I keep coming back here and reading this blog. I'm not really technical. but I guess I like the behind-the-scenes look at Sonlight. You're a witty writer who knows how to use punctuation (a rare thing). And I think it's cool that you drop by my site occasionally and leave a little comment. I've slowly been checking out some of the people on your blogroll, too.

    I wonder, if I had a performance review, what it would say? Sometimes I think it would be cool to have that feedback, other times I quake in fear.

  7. Jennifer Sr.

    I decided to "talk back". After all I "talk back" in my head all the time. ;)

    I loved your piece on tithing too, btw.

  8. Jennifer Sr.

    I just became a follower...did you notice in my avatar that it is a Sonlight(registered trademark) that is covering my face??? :)


    You now have 11 readers, 'this one goes to eleven,' but that isn't funny unless you have seen spinal tap.

    How do you get that registered trademark? Am I computer keyboard illiterate?

  10. Ganeida

    I'm a reader ~ I'm just never sure what to say in the comments but I'm sure I can rectify that given enough time. :D

  11. Luke

    Angela, hopefully you find something interesting to read when you come here <smile>. I'm glad you take the time to stop by.

    Jennifer, I hope to hear more from you in the future, especially since now I know you "talk back in your head all the time" <smile>. I love hearing from you all! And I did notice that particular Sonlight title... which I recently read to my wife. She liked it very much.

    Tiff (er... I think that's your name, but my powers of deduction are sometimes misleading), I have seen Spinal Tap, and that is one of the best lines. To make the ® symbol you type the code for it "&" and then "reg" and then the ";"... so with spaces & reg ; makes ®.

    Ganeida, I think you're right: Eventually I write something that inspires a response from you <smile>. Thanks for commenting!