Perfect or Putrid

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Something struck me as odd today: We, as homeschoolers, end up on either side of a huge spectrum in people's minds, but never in the middle.

I read a post where Spunky (aka Karen Braun) points out that we must shake the urge to compare ourselves with other "perfect" homeschoolers. Spectrum side right: Homeschoolers are perfect.

Then I read a post from Dana Hanley refuting the implied claim that homeschooled children are untaught and destined to be criminals. Spectrum side left: Homeschoolers are putrid.

But hang on... either we're perfect parents or raising hoodlums?

Putrid or Perfect

That feel weird to anyone else?

But now I realize that this kind of dichotomy is rather rampant. Most "hot button" topics are discussed this way: Politics, religion, education, finances, government, etc. No wonder I get so confused at times. Are proponents of one side so blind that they can't see the potential pitfalls or growth areas? Are the detractors so ignorant that they refuse to see the good?


Or maybe it's just easier to talk and write in generalities. Maybe it's more effective/fun/scathing to write in absolutes and hyperbole.

Maybe not as many people actually cleave to these extremes as us writers like to put down in black and white. Because, for me as a homeschooled Christian with political views of my own, while I may write and talk in such a way as to perhaps overstate my position, I'm actually fairly reasonable at times.

May we carefully consider how we talk and write and discuss issues and topics, especially around children. May we teach them to be even more even handed and level headed than we have been. And perhaps then, inflammatory rhetoric in the future will be seen as what it is: A lot of hot air someone is trying to vent, and damaging assumptions will be ignored.


In other news, I have now added a "Share This" button at the bottom of my posts. If you're one of those really "with it" people--I am not, so don't worry if you aren't either--please feel free to Digg, Stumble or otherwise share the posts of mine that you like. I'm always on the lookout for more people who may find this blog interesting as well.


~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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