The Sonlight Experience

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Incredulity bathes her face as she stares at me.

"You've never had a massage1 before?!"

I shake my head. Brittany and I are celebrating our 5th Anniversary and have sprung for a couple's massage. The room is dim. Soothing music drips in the background. Somewhere incense is smoldering. This place is all about the experience.

Brittany loved it. Me? It was nice. ...but let's just say that it's a good thing special events only roll around once in a while. My budget wouldn't handle much more. <smile>

When you visit Sonlight--via the web--we can't set the ambiance for your room. I can't make your computer suddenly smell like lavender. And we don't have the technology to work the knots out of your neck. No. Your Sonlight web experience has much more to do with how quickly we can help you find the right homeschool materials.

It's all about user experience (which, I learned today, is abbreviated UX). Melanie Seibert left us a wonderful message about how we were doing a good job. We did a little happy dance and felt fired up to make the site even better.

I thanked her for her kind words, and she immediately tweeted me back:

Thanks for Creating a Website that Works

Cloud nine. It was better than a massage (though Brittany may disagree).

We want your experience of Sonlight--both on the web and in your homeschool--a wonderful one. That's why we rely heavily on your feedback and reviews.

If you haven't swung by to tell us what you thought about your most recent Sonlight program, we'd love to know what worked and what we could do to improve your experience.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

1There are words that tend confuse me:

  • County ...too much like Country
  • Demands ...too much like Demons
  • Clever ...too much like Cleaver
  • Angle ...too much like Angel
  • Massage ...too much like Message

For whatever reason, I find myself triple-checking those words.

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  1. Julie

    personally...I have trouble w/the "county-country" thing too and one abbreviation that drives me crazy (since i am frequently immersed in church reading) is "denoms" short for "denominations" because w/o fail I read it "demons"..which then serves to crack me up and derail my reading for a good 5 min. :) Oh--somewhere you asked about bible study resources....there is one that is awesome called "Fundamentals of the Faith" by John MacArthur. It's really can go online and listen to him teach for free before you do each lesson. Kinda long, but oh so good. :)

  2. Luke

    Thanks, Julie! And I'm glad I'm not alone with misreading words <smile>.


  3. Sue

    I've probably logged nearly 10,000 hours reading Berenstain Bears books to my kids (definitely their choice, not mine), but I still do a double take every time I read the words "Bear Country". I always have to make sure it wasn't county. Why I can't remember that between books... I do not know. That drives me crazy, and I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one! Message and massage always trip me up, too.

  4. Luke

    10,000 hours of Berenstain Bears... wow. <smile>


  5. Melanie

    Ha, I missed this post when it first went up! Thanks for the link. We're loving our first year homeschooling with Sonlight.

  6. Luke

    Thank you, Melanie <smile>. And I'm thrilled to hear that you're loving Sonlight! That's great to hear.