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The room is still.

Twenty minutes from now there will be raised voices--almost shouting--as we hash out our ideas and passionately defend our positions. My pulse will be throbbing in my neck. My stomach will be in knots. We'll be in the thick of it then.

But in this moment, silence.

All eyes look to me as I've just been given the floor to start the meeting. I forget to start with prayer--perhaps related to the above?--and instead jump right in: "Well, umm, let's look at the mockups I've tossed up online. What do you think of this?"

Slowly the meeting picks up speed. We're discussing how we're going to present Sonlight's Core Packages in the upcoming year. How do we make it clearer that our homeschool curriculum packages aren't grade specific? How do we help customers find what will be best for their homeschool? How have the current methods confused people, and how do we remove that confusion?

The hours tick by.

This is hard.

Besides meetings that feel eternal, we also turn to website data (including your feedback). We test things. We tweak things. And often, we're surprised by the results. In fact, right now we're running a split test on performance for our curriculum page. And the page we were all sure was going to win by a mile is losing by more than 2%.


We're diligently working to make Sonlight better, but we need wisdom beyond our years. Your prayers for us that we would make right decisions and come up with more ways to better serve the home education needs of families around the world are most appreciated. Especially since, too often, I forget to pray for it myself.

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer and participation.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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