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Simplify: make easier, more understandable

He squinted over his glasses at the screen. 'Why is that text repeated?' he asked himself. 'Can't we say that just once instead of three times?' Dave, our graphic designer, was hard at work cleaning up the Payment Plans page … Continue reading

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Time Payment Tutorial

"Could we include instructions on how to select a Time Payment option during checkout?" The idea had struck me years ago. It's not immediately obvious how to take advantage of Sonlight's Payment Plans. But I'd gotten busy and didn't do … Continue reading

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How to Combine Students with Sonlight

One of the huge benefits of Sonlight is that you can combine students so they use the same Core. This saves you time and money. But how do you choose which program to use with multiple children? Isn't it complicated … Continue reading

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How Many Hours a Day Do You Spend on School?

Way back in the day, my siblings and I were done with school by 10am or noon, at the latest. I guess, technically, we also had some school as bedtime stories... but the fantastic books didn't feel like school. In … Continue reading

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Change Isn't Easy

YouTube recently changed their channel design. Facebook will be changing the layout for companies later this month. And we've got some pretty big updates going live on April 2. Adjusting to changes made by others can be difficult and exciting. … Continue reading

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Prayer for the New Year

Looking back, this has been a busy year. You got a new icon to explain the Sonlight Core and a new website interface. You also got the latest updates to Sonlight's Instructor's Guides, free shipping on orders $25+, an extra … Continue reading

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Your Photos Are Even More Important This Year

$500 Sonlight Gift Certificate? Old news. See your family inside the Sonlight Catalog? Cool, but nothing new. Why are your photos more important than ever this year? Because with Sonlight's photo integration with our website, your pictures can now also … Continue reading

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