Option Overload

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Every choice we make effectively eliminates all other options for that moment. By reading this sentence you have chosen to not do something else. For instance, in the time it takes to read this you could wash a cup, put away a stack of plates, hug a child/spouse, water a plant, open/close a window, read a paragraph written by a more talented writer, do a push-up (or three), rest your eyes, say a prayer, pull something out of the freezer for dinner...

Before we go on, allow me to say how glad I am that you're spending these moments with me. <smile>

This confinement by choice boggles my mind when I think about homeschool curriculum and education in general. Where in the world do you start with education? The reality of "knowledge gaps" opens before me like the vastness of space. And then I remember: This is about life-long learning. This is about learning how to learn what you need to know in a given situation. This is about the joy of always learning more.

On the other hand, majoring in the universe isn't really an option. And so we must settle on one choice at a time.

As someone whose job involves helping make your choices easier, I ran into a problem today: How do I get you the information you need in the quickest way possible?

Actually, that's not a new problem. I just bumped into a new form of the problem. The more options you have, the more variables are involved. The more variables, the more information there is to explain the differences. The more information, the harder it is to fit it all into a single space. So what goes where? Using what little I know, I choose: This information should be here, that information accessible there.

Is that the right choice?

I don't know yet.

Time will hopefully reveal the optimal layout as I listen to feedback, consider other options and monitor--as best I can--what is proving helpful and what is not.

You have limited time. You have big decision to make in that time. And as much as I try to help, there's always some option I didn't anticipate. And so, if you can't decide on a Sonlight program, chat with a Sonlight Advisor. Worried the choice you've made isn't the right one for your family? You are covered with Sonlight's unmatched one-year Love to Learn Guarantee. You have options before and after you make your choice.

I don't have Advisors, but I do have really smart co-workers. I don't have a Guarantee, but I do have grace when things aren't quite right.

When you feel overwhelmed with choices, what do you do? Have you ever had to handle the panic of option overload? What information have you focused on recently to help you make a difficult decision?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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