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Help for the Homeschool Mom Who Hates Science Experiments

It is 3:15 pm. School should be wrapping up, and yet I am covered in the contents of the junk drawer—not the little one that has pencils and vitamins. No, I am in the Drawer of Lost Causes.  (I am … Continue reading

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Sonlight's 12 Days of Christmas: Day 3 (The Sonlight Microscope)

  Back before I even had children, I read the description of the Sonlight microscope, thought it sounded cool, and asked for that for Christmas.  It is still cool. And with my oldest now studying biology, it's definitely put to … Continue reading

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The Coriolis Fountain Blew My Mind

Physics. I did well in that class in high school. I've long loved centripetal force, spinning buckets of water around without spilling a drop. Even today I discover things about the world that just make me stop and stare. The … Continue reading

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Beans and Spaceships

Science Fiction is full of awesome sounding things like self "healing" spaceships, giant war-machines that repair themselves with their post-bio technology. Makes for great entertainment. But as a program running on a supply of electrical current, seeing a blog post … Continue reading

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It's fall ... and apples are in the air!

My favorite time of year has arrived once again here in upstate NY. The days are getting shorter, the mornings are crisp, and the smell of burning leaves is in the air. Some days I just stand on my back … Continue reading

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Cool Science, Tree Rings, and Volcanoes

This is amazing: Scientists were befuddled by tree ring data not matching the natural cooling that follows a volcanic eruption. It turns out, in really cold years, we may not get tree rings at all. The data doesn't exist! Missing … Continue reading

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Why Sonlight Presents Multiple Views on the Origins of the Earth

You know that Sonlight presents history from more than one point of view. We believe this is the most accurate and helpful way to study the subject. You know that Sonlight students study different religions. We believe this best equips … Continue reading

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