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Why Life-Long Learning is a Natural Part of Exploration

Every new task you do will require you to learn something. Even flushing a toilet. Years ago, as a young man, I spent a week in the UK. We were in a bed and breakfast and the toilet had an … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Sonlight and Sex and Swearing

I just read the blog post Appalled that I bought utter filth & gave it to my children. She has daughters who are more sensitive than my high school/middle school boys, but this is still disconcerting. I ditch several books … Continue reading

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Are You Accepted as One of Them?

Not four minutes ago I finished a fascinating conversation with a speaker from Encountering the World of Islam. The questioned he posed was this: Thinking of Christ becoming man so He could reach us, how are we reaching out to … Continue reading

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Five Benefits Mentors Give You

Dark. Those years were dark and depressing, full of unacknowledged questions and hurts without balm. He didn't handle them well, these trials. He lashed out at friends and family. He complained bitterly to God. He raged against anyone whose shadow … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Questionable Content

A friend of mine returned her core this week because of the questionable content that was in it. I am loving our program right now but there is some foul language and one book is described as anti-christian in the … Continue reading

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Trying to Find the Best Curriculum for Your Family?

The homeschool community is packed with a wide range of curricula. With Sonlight, you have many Core options, Math programs and various Electives to chooser from. Add to this your budget constraints, your students' individual needs as well as a … Continue reading

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