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5 Principles for a Peaceful Preschool at Home

"Many people ask me what our younger kids do while I am working with our two older boys. Since the preschool 4/5 program can be done in short segments throughout the day, Lydia (4) enjoys the individual attention over shared books and … Continue reading

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3 Ideas for a Peaceful Homeschool in Quarantine

After the kids and I, one after the other, showed the dreaded symptoms of covid-19, we were fated to a month-long self-isolation. Without a co-parent, or even a walk around the block to ease the pressure, I’ve had a crash-course … Continue reading

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Attitude #1: How is your attitude?

What is the saying? If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Children are astonishingly perceptive. Have you ever noticed that the times that you are the most agitated—the times you’d really appreciate it if your children could just get along!—are … Continue reading

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