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The Feast of the Ascension and other stuff I've never done

One of the things I love about Sonlight is that you are exposed to so many different ideas, traditions, cultures, and experiences through the stories your read about people all over the world (and time). As you cycle through history … Continue reading

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Peace That Doesn't Even Make Sense

Everything is going wrong. Murphy is right, as usual. I'm trying to prepare for a trip but nothing lines up. Paperwork, travel dates, accommodations, equipment... all of it conflicts. Worse, I don't like travel or paperwork. I'd rather stay home. … Continue reading

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What the World Needs Now

I've read numerous people suggest that we all should "just be a little nicer" in light of recent events. These authors seem to agree that such new found generosity won't actually fix anything, but it will help. A bit. And … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas: 12 days

I'll admit it. When I think of Christmas, I usually picture Christmas cards, pretty lights and peaceful nativity scenes. Joseph, Mary and Jesus seem so quiet and serene in my mind. Even so, I want to remember the bigger picture … Continue reading

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Why in the world did the Pilgrims give thanks?

The Pilgrims faced tragedy in their first year at Plymouth. They landed at Plymouth Rock on December 16 – much too late to plant or prepare for winter. Without enough food or protection from the cold, families watched their loved … Continue reading

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Of Tides and Seasons

My family just returned from an off-season vacation to the Oregon Coast. We stayed at an RV park right on the beach. The weather was sunny half of the time we were there. It was cloudy and rainy the other … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Missed Opportunities

I'm very disappointed with your Kindergarten readers. Yesterday we read a story where the character speeds at 100mph, gets pulled over and then fights with the cop. The "consequence" is: his car gets towed. What an opportunity lost! Maybe he … Continue reading

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