What the World Needs Now

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I've read numerous people suggest that we all should "just be a little nicer" in light of recent events. These authors seem to agree that such new found generosity won't actually fix anything, but it will help. A bit. And that's all we can really do. Right?

Tomorrow is Christmas. Tomorrow we celebrate God becoming flesh and dwelling with us. Tomorrow we remember a baby born to save the world. And how?

By dying. By conquering death. By exemplifying how we should live and making a way so we can have access to the Holy Spirit. By refocusing our religious tendencies to the heart of the Father. By giving us good news to share and a mandate to make disciples.

In light of this, I find the suggestion to "be nice" to be hollow. World transformation requires a radical new paradigm, one of selflessness and love... the kind of love that encourages us to lay down our lives for others. Tossing a buck in a tip jar is great, but not what the world needs. Niceness may be a fine first step, but Redemption through the blood of Jesus is what we all need.


May Christ--who set aside His divinity to become a human and die for us--continue to transform our hearts this day. And may we, following His example and leading, make a difference in the world.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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