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Academic excellence matters because it honors God

Sonlight cares about academics. After many years in our programs, Sonlight graduates tend to be very well-educated and insightful adults. (Meet our 2013 scholarship winners for some shining examples.) We emphasize academics because we believe that academic excellence honors God.* … Continue reading

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The Shuttle Ride: Educating Others About Homeschooling

The sun isn't up yet as I climb into the airport shuttle. The talkative driver, a woman probably in her late 50s, asks where I'm from. "Denver," I reply. Somehow from there we quickly arrive at the topic of homeschooling … Continue reading

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It Doesn't Matter What Curriculum You Use

Which curriculum you choose to purchase makes little difference to your student's academic performance. Ouch. Let's take this a step further: The data show it doesn't matter if you are homeschooled or public schooled. In the end, educational outcome boils … Continue reading

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No regrets . . .

The other day I was reading some research that one of our catalog writers had come across. The U.S. Department of Education's Commission on Reading stated that reading out loud to children is the most important thing you can do … Continue reading

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I was well into teaching my second child before I truly appreciated the freedom that homeschooling provides. Sure, I knew that home education meant we could choose when to take vacation, or we were free to set our own school … Continue reading

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