Summer Staff Success Story

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People send in success stories about Sonlight frequently. You can read some of them in the Sonlight Moments widget on the right (get the widget for your blog/site here). But we don't have too many great stories from here within Sonlight because... well... we're working*.

But this morning in prayer, one of our recent summer staff, DeAnn, mentioned how much of a blessing it is working here. She and her husband, Brandon, will be moving in a few months, and she didn't want to start her four year old in a preschool, only to disrupt that in the move.

While preparing orders in the warehouse, Brandon turned to DeAnn and mentioned how much he loved reading many of these titles as a child. They decided to purchase from Sonlight and start homeschooling this year!

"I'm so excited that we have this opportunity," DeAnn told me.

"I'm really excited too," Brandon chimed in.

DeAnn and Brandon

Granted, they aren't sure they will continue homeschooling after this year. But for now, homeschooling is exactly what their family needs. And, who knows: Perhaps we'll read a Sonlight Moment from them in a few years <smile>.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

*That's not to say we don't have some really excited parents here. Tim, our marketing manager, has been telling everyone how amazing his son has been doing in his first few days this year. ...perhaps I'll interview him next. <smile>

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  1. Mrs. C


    Yeah, I BET you are pretty busy now! Haven't heard about MathTacular lately. How's it going??

  2. Kim & Dave

    Love it! :)

  3. Luke

    Mrs. C, we spent three hours on audio fixes for MathTactular today... and have to finish that up tomorrow because Justin goes back to school soon <smile>. And I was wondering when I'd start getting questions about the new MathTacular project because I suddenly stopped writing about it. ...because that project was killed. So, there's still one coming, but the MathTacular we started earlier this summer was canceled.

    Kim, glad you like it! <smile>


  4. Mrs. C



    I'm so bummed! I thought you were just keeping stuff under wraps.

  5. Luke

    Mrs. C, there is one still coming... just not the one we started this summer. There is more MathTacular on the way! (and it's going to be good <smile>)

    But, yeah, I hear ya.


  6. Heather the Mama Duk


  7. Luke

    Totally <smile>.