Subtle Biases

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I noticed one of 'em today.

I was going through my blog feeds reading the 463 posts that had piled up since Friday afternoon and adding a few posts here and there to the Other Posts of Note. If you've browsed those posts at all, you know that I include posts that make me laugh, posts that make me cry, and posts that include information that I think is, well, of note.

So when I moved on after reading The good side of WalMart without adding it, I stopped myself.

'Hold on, Luke. You thought that was interesting. You just didn't include it because you don't particularly like WalMart.'

"Now hang on," I answered back, my pride more than a little bruised, "I don't need to include any posts about WalMart on a site about homeschooling and Sonlight. I have no obligation to include the post."

'Come on, you've linked to all sorts of stuff--even things with which you disagree--because it was a different perspective or bit of data that you'd never heard. Why this?'

"Because it's not that important. Besides," I toss in for good measure, "this is my blog and I can do what I want."

'Sure,' the little voice inside me said, sure that I wasn't sure at all. 'Now jot down "Subtle Biases" because you need to blog about this.'

And I knew I was right, as infuriating as I sometimes am.

So now I wonder: What will I neglect to teach my children because of the subtle, easy to dismiss biases in my own life? After all, we can't teach our children everything. There simply isn't time. But will I withhold something that would prove helpful simply because I don't particularly like whatever it is?

This is one more reason I love Sonlight: It encourages you to look at other sides, read things that may make you uncomfortable and consider your biases. If you walk away and still hold to your position, great! But you'll know better why you do and why other people disagree.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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