The Best Books For Summer Reading: What Are Your Favorites?

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Sonlight parents are always looking for fun and engaging ways to encourage reading in their homeschool. With the end of the school year just around the bend, we want to support you in creating a reading lifestyle all summer long. We also can't wait to hear what you believe are the very best books for summer reading!

Choosing Quality Books For Your Children

One of the things that makes Sonlight such a valuable curriculum is our carefully curated book selections. Sonlight is the original literature-based curriculum and we pride ourselves in finding the very best options for your child's reading stack.

Many parents have asked for tips and tricks for choosing quality, everyday books for unstructured reading as well. Here are our very best suggestions for choosing thoughtful and age-appropriate reading materials for your children.

1. Select stories with characters that your child can understand and relate to.

If your child can see themselves in the story, no matter how different the circumstances of the tale may be, the reading becomes a powerful, often motivating experience.

2. Look for books that teach important lessons or concepts.

One of the best ways to promote overall character development and cultural significance, especially for children, is through illustrative examples in story.

3. Choose books with beautiful illustrations.

Artful illustrations can make all the difference in creating excellence in your unstructured reading. Not only will your child be more engaged, but the artistry of many illustrated books can cultivate beauty for all ages (even us parents!).

4. Incorporate your child's interests.

An easy way to kick off a passion for reading is through books about topics that your child finds particularly interesting. Whether it's nature, dogs, or exotic locations, starting with your child's favorite things can be a wonderful way to source excellent reading resources.

Rejuvenate Your Family's Reading Routine This Summer

All year long, we promote learning through the power of literature and story because we know just how valuable it is for growing minds. Summer however, a great time to change things up in your homeschool and rejuvenate your family's reading routine.

The more relaxed pace, the need to stay cool indoors or at the pool, and the chance to take a break from formal learning are all great reasons to incorporate a summer reading plan into your summer days. Summer is the perfect time of year to create a lifestyle of reading in your family.

The Best Books For Summer Reading: What Are Your Favorites?

Please join us in getting motivated to read more this summer by sharing your favorite books and discovering new titles to enjoy as a family. Share your recommendations here through May 12!

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