Summer Bummer

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This morning I read about how Erika's family is already missing school. Such a problem to have! <smile>

It's been a long time since I had a summer break. Even when I was finishing up high school, I was creating Science DVDs instead of playing with the friends I didn't have. So I'm reaching back in my mind when I think about my childhood summers. I don't recall missing school because we still got up early to go to swim practice, we still read every night before bed, we still had fascinating family discussions, and I spent a ton of time at my friends' houses (like I did while we did school as well).

But, yes, summer isn't always all that it's imagined to be. The change or loss of routine, the cries of boredom, the heat, the schedule that seems to fill up even more than during the rest of the year... all conspire to bring about a summer bummer.

My suggestion? Grab one of your favorite books--or one that you didn't get to--and read together on a regular basis, like bedtime. Interested in something new and fresh? You could always start reading some of next year's books now, especially if you were thinking of doing a 4-Day program. You could get the 5-Day Core program just to have a couple extra books to read over the summer.

Looking for a few more suggestions? Kelly, Jill and Judy have some great summertime tips:

Are you enjoying your summer? What great things are you planning to do?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Bethany

    We live across the street from an elementary school. When the bell rang the final time for the school year, and you could hear the celebration from the kids in the neighborhood, my sweet daughter looked at me and said, "I'm so glad I don't go to school, I'd hate to stop learning for the year."

    (I do know that parents of the brick and mortar schools provide opportunities to learn for their kids, but my 6 year old doesn't.)


  2. Jenny

    What a wonderful recollection of the summers of childhood! Our girls recently went to visit their Auntie in another state for a whole week. They enjoyed a visit to a nearby aquarium with tons of incredible sea creatures, while I read books the entire week by the pool (in the shade)... It was the first time in ages since I'd had the time to read an entire book (made for people outside of the juvenile section mind you) in one day. It was completely enjoyable.

    The girls are home now. This summer: I am giving the girls swimming lessons, we are learning to roller skate once a week, and learning to ride a bike without training wheels as often as we can stand the heat... Learning. It's what we do.

    Thank you for sharing the links and enjoy the summer!

  3. Bethany, may your 6 year old continue to experience the joy of learning all year long [smile].

    Time to read an entire book? That's fantastic, Jenny! Enjoy your summer as well, I will be going on one or two short trips and probably going to the water park once [smile].


  4. Hi Luke!

    We are a year-round family as well. Because we go at a fairly relaxed pace - four days/week with additional days off as needed for visits to family, illness, new babies, mental health days (LOL!) etc. we just keep on going!

    My children really, really appreciate the structure as well. They go a bit batty if we go more than three days in a row without some 'formal education' thrown in there as well :).

  5. <smile> So glad to hear the year-round system works for your family, Jennifer. Isn't homeschooling great that we can make the system work for us?