Spreading Good News

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I know I've seen Godspell, but I don't remember it. I do recall a moment where the Jesus character appears in a fountain and then vanishes... I think.

Not exactly vivid memories.


Good News.

Don't we have good news to share with others? You can homeschool your children and find joy in it! There is more to this life than the here and now! There are a ton of great books just waiting for you to read! It's possible to have children in the comfort of your own home! Sonlight is the best homeschool curriculum in the world! <cough>

All cool stuff.

I got thinking about this because of what looks to be a great series that Robin has started on her blog. She mentions the analogy of telling people that their house is on fire, and that there is a similar urgency in our message as well.

And that's true.

But, as I thought about it, the fire analogy doesn't work for people who don't agree with us (no matter what the subject matter). Spreading this kind of good news is like trying to convince your neighbor that he needs to stop using his microwave because it is killing him and his family.

"But I like my microwave," your neighbor replies. "And I'm happy with it. And everyone else is using their microwaves just fine. I think you're a kook and just trying to disrupt my good life. Besides, there are plenty of medical studies that show your view to be wrong."

Similar responses arise when you try to share the good news of Christianity, homeschooling, home birthing, eating organic foods, going "off-grid", exercising, etc. It's good news--often, very good news with significant ramifications--but if people think you're a nut, your urgency just makes you look all the more batty.

So what do we do? One option would be to make a '70s movie with people vanishing from fountains--or some other more culturally applicable work.

But other than that, I think the best promotion is a life that has been positively changed by whatever it is. Sharing your story--your testimony--of how wonderful home birthing, homeschooling, eating healthy, Christianity, or whatever other bit of good news you have is the most powerful tool I can think of.

And that's one of the many reasons I absolutely love the Sonlight Moments forum. And that's one of the many reasons I pushed to make it so everyone can read it.

If you haven't glanced at the Sonlight Moments widget on the right there or visited the forum lately, I highly recommend it.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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