The Cliff and the Tightrope

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I still struggle with "media" as a plural, at least when it comes to saying things like "media are bad." <shudder> Almost like nails on a chalkboard...

Only worse.

"The media are evil." That's fine. But just saying "media are" without a definite article is painful. Almost like watching some "reporting" that's going on out there...

Only worse.

Again and again and again today, I kept seeing posts about how the media are skewing reality in favor of their own agenda. The most interesting--though highly biased in the other direction--video was this one which makes some pretty powerful claims. It's well worth the eight and a half minutes. I'll be here when you get back...'s the problem: Sure, some Leftist reporter did a shoddy job and should probably be fired or go back to school and learn how to report again, but isn't the other side in danger of falling off the tightrope the other way--at the very least?

"No," the reply will come. "No, see, we're not on a tightrope; we're next to a cliff, and they went over the cliff. We're on solid ground, even if we move farther Right."

Tightrope or Cliff?


I'm guessing the guys who made this eight and half minute video would say something rather similar.

It's at least something to consider.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

Foment: agitate; try to stir up public opinion

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