Sonlight Includes Bible

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Every Sonlight Core includes Bible. Here's how it's currently stated for the Core programs:

Bible readings and weekly Scripture memory assignments are included in every Core Instructor's Guide, along with the Biblically-based comments you'll find throughout every Sonlight Core. If your family follows the Sonlight plan, you will cover almost the entire Bible once every five or six years.

In addition to Bible reading, we also assign a variety of books from apologetics to Bible study methods to spiritual classics. Our goal is to encourage students to grow in their faith and equip them to follow Christ in whatever He calls them to do.

(Scripture readings and memory work are included in every Core. Supplemental Bible Study books are optional in Cores K-5 and are automatically included in Cores 6-400.)

We've realized that our consist mention of "optional Bible materials" has caused some people to think that we don't include Bible in our homeschool curriculum.

That's not the case.

So, to alleviate this confusion, I need to go through the website and change the wording: Sonlight's optional Bible resources will soon* be labeled "additional Bible resources" to better convey the truth: Sonlight includes Bible in every one of our Core programs and, if you like, we offer you additional tools for further Bible study.

We have "additional" Bible programs. Our scheduled Bible elements are "optional" in the sense that every subject or assignment is optional: We don't make you do it <smile>.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*"Soon" is a relative term. <smile>

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