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Technical Specifications

"Where are the Reviews?" I ask my computer since no one else is there to help.

I scroll back to the top of the page. Then down again. And suddenly, in the midst of looking for more information about a totally sweet-awesome camera I'm interested in, it hits me: Perhaps this is why people seek information anywhere but the company's main webpage.

This reality has been bothering me for a few weeks now. As I meander the internet, I consistently bump into questions about Sonlight. "Which Core should I choose for my student?" "Does Sonlight have a Psychology program?" "I'd like to buy my math from Sonlight, but I'm not sure they carry any." And on and on...

Now, I'm thrilled that there are answers to be had for these fine folks. Still, in the back of my mind this little voice keeps shouting, "Why aren't you asking this on!?"

And last night I think I figured part of it out: Company websites are typically incredibly unhelpful. What's even closer to home: For all our efforts, there are still a great many things we could do to improve our own website. In short, if you're looking for specific information it's best to look elsewhere. Random forums that have little--or nothing--to do with the company or product, social media sites, blogs ...all have a higher chance of getting you the specifics you're looking for. Or, at least, that's my impression of the general impression of the general populace.

And since you're here on my blog, allow me to direct your attention to a few key areas of Sonlight's website:

  • Do you have questions about choosing or using Sonlight? Can't figure out which program would be right for you? Need someone to bounce your ideas off? Want to know more details about a particular home education product?
    Chat with one of our Sonlight Homeschool Advisors.
  • You can find customer reviews on almost all of our product pages.
    Don't forget: We'd love your reviews too!
  • And, at any point during your visit to the Sonlight® website, please send us your ideas as to how we can make it better by clicking on the "What Bugs You" Bug.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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